What is a Celebration station?
Your station can cover anything from a University event, a County Fair, anything that you wish to promote from local to global level. Programming for the station can be tailored to suit the event and your community. Depending upon the type of station you want developed it can either be fully sponsored (advertisers) or fully funded.

Is this a real radio station?
This is a real radio station in every sense of the word. It provides a stereo signal over the internet, and will sound just as good as any other FM radio station. The equipment we use is state of the art and is the same used in a “regular” radio station.

Who Can Host a Special Event Radio Station?
Any special event can establish a Special Event Radio Station. Examples would include car races and air shows; university homecoming weeks and sporting events; agricultural fairs and community celebrations. No license is required for your station and all copyrighted material fees are covered in the station creation service fees.

Do I need to know how equipment works? Do I need to be a DJ to do this?

We can provide a professional announcer for your station, or you can staff it. This is your station, and it should be the way that you want it. We craft our services to match your needs.

What kind of programming can be done on a Special Event Radio Station?
Programs are developed to meet your needs.
Prior to an the event, it provides a great way of communicating your program. During the event it can be used to increase traffic to specific products or programs as well as your sponsors.
News and Talk programming will have interviews with participants and sponsors. You can also interview local participants and celebrities to produce radio stories about the history of your event. We can provide a professional announcer, or your volunteers can be the on-air voice.

Why is a Radio Station ideal for my Special Event?
Your Radio Station will be a powerful publicity and communications tool for people on and off site. People can tune in before they get to the site – with advance publicity and a well managed web campaign, it’s a great way to attract people.

On Site Communications
Indoors or outdoors, radio is an effective way to get messages out to people throughout the site. It is an efficient way to communicate schedule changes, upcoming events, parking information. The station can also be set up earlier than the event to communicate setup information to exhibitors, volunteers and staff.

Programming throughout the day can include interviews with organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors. These interviews will enhance opportunities for people to learn about your event. Programming can showcase local talent by playing recorded works of local performers, or by having them perform live. Broadcasts of ceremonies and concerts on site can be arranged the interviews, performances, and other programming will create a historic record of the event which can be preserved for future generations.

What is the benefit from a Celebration Station?
• Annual events which take place over a large area
• Conferences and Conventions who need a unique and flexible way to communicate with their delegates.
• Sporting events which want to broadcast to the surrounding town or city.
• Races and rallies’
• Any large group who wants a fun and affordable way to spread the word!

Fundraising Possibilities (How can I pay for the station?)

Corporate Sponsorship – on air sponsorship
A sponsorship package can be developed which matches the needs of both your event and the many vendors and organizations which take part.
Other funding may come from government granting agencies, foundations, and your own sponsoring organizations.
We can help you to develop a financial plan which will make your Special Event Station affordable. Talk to us about the possibilities.

Phone or email us with any questions. We would love to talk to you.
YourCelebrationStation.com can coordinate all aspects of an event or community radio station. We can provide equipment, technical assistance and we can design and produce the actual on-air programming. Throughout this process we will work closely with you. Our goal is to create a programming package that serves as an important element of your event, that integrates volunteers, vendors, and event goers, and which is genuinely entertaining to all of your listeners.


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